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Welcome to my website!

I have a passion for Photography! For the past nine years I have been obsessed with it.  It has been a wonderful hobby for me.  I started with a Leica M6 rangefinder and loved the images it made and the feel of the camera.  I then added a Hasselblad to my equipment list and carried the camera all over the world on photo adventures.  What wonderful images that camera makes.  For a while I had camera buying disease.  I bought everything from Linhof 4x5 view cameras to fancy panoramic cameras.  Thank goodness I am over all of that.

Fast forward to 2001 and for me the digital world.  I got my first Digital SLR the D30 at the end of 2001 and have not shot film since.  Since the digital technology is getting better at such a fast pace I been upgrading my camera gear.  I have since sold almost all of my film cameras on eBay and all I have now is a Canon EOS 1DS (11megapixel), an EOS 10D as a backup.  I also carry a couple of cool small pocket cameras, the Canon S50, Canon S400 and the Pentax OptioS.

I used to spent hundreds of hours in the darkroom printing fine art black and white prints, but now it is all done digitally with photoshop and inkjet printers.  I use the Epson 1160 for Black and White Piezography quad-tone prints.  They are continuous tone, archival and beautiful.  I use the Epson 2200 and 1280 printers for color.

Now  a little about my website. All of the pictures on this site are digital images taken in the last year or so. This is my first humble attempt at making a website.  I am using FrontPage 2002 with the images edited with Breeze Browser.  It is so easy and fun.  I am learning the basics of making the pages, inserting the images, linking them and then publishing them on the web.  It is so fast!

Hope you enjoy my website as much as I have making it.  Drop me a note with feedback!


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